Longfellows to meet Mud in Fantasy Bowl XXVI

The top-scoring team in the league up to this point will meet the defending champions in Fantasy Bowl XXVI. Keystone posted the highest score of any team this season as the Longfellows clobbered Boston 106-80. Todd Gurley’s 37 points proved the difference, and is the highest single scoring week for any fantasy player this season.

Keystone will meet the Chicago Mud, who knocked off top-seeded New Pepper 72-62. The Mud enjoyed big games from Cam Newton and Melvin Gordon. New Pepper was hampered by the injury to Antonio Brown, but Patriots fans are also questioning the coaches, who failed to post a starting kicker for the week’s game.

Boston and New Pepper will meet in Week 16 to play for third place.

In the points race, Keystone and Boston remain #1 and #2, and pulled ever so slightly ahead of Syracuse (74 this week) and Dallas (54).


New Pepper picks Chicago

With a brief note simply reading “Let’s start with the 2nd City boys … Chicago Mud” the top-seeded New Pepper Patriots selected their opponent for the semi-final round. Our FFL GOO Semi-Finals are set:

#1 New Pepper Patriots (11-1) vs. #6 Chicago Mud (7-5-1)
#2 Keystone Longfellows (9-3) vs. #4 Boston Wildcats (10-3)

New Pepper beat Chicago 79-37 when they played in week 7 this season, with Zeke Elliott contributing a significant portion (35 points) of that total. With Elliott serving the final week of his suspension, one might expect a closer contest this time around. BUT, then again, if you look back to the previous time these two teams met (2014) the Mud lost 74-39, so maybe a trend is afoot.

And this is the first time in league history that two franchises who changed their team names at the beginning of the season will meet in a playoff game. Just another useless stat, but instead of seeing it on ESPN you read it here on FFL GOO. (Editor’s Note: Actually, I didn’t even research this. I just *think* it’s the first time this has ever happened. So FFL GOO might actually be fake news.)

But back to real news in fantasy football, the other semi-final matchup features the top two scoring teams in the league: Keystone (943 points) vs. Boston (922 points). These two teams had a barn burner in week 3, with the Wildcats topping the Longfellows 89-72. Both teams have numerous players on their roster (KEY: 8, BOS: 7) who have put up 20+ point weeks sometime this season, so this could be another slugfest.

Syracuse and Dallas might have lost in the wild card round, but both are still within striking distance in points (SYR 903 – 40 back; DAL 876 – 67 back) and have both leapfrogged New Pepper (843 – 100 points back) in the overall points race since week 12. But Zeke Elliott is back for the final TWO weeks of the season and those points will all count. The top TWO teams in overall points receive prize money.

Wildcats and Mud advance to semi-finals

The wildcard round is over, and the FFL GOO fan base awaits the big decision: will the New Pepper Patriots choose to play the Boston Wildcats or the defending champion Chicago Mud in the semi-final round?

We got to this point with Boston scoring a big 82-71 win over Syracuse, while Chicago pulled the upset with a 70-64 win over the Armadillos.

Syracuse doesn’t have far to look beyond the concussed Alvin Kamara, who got knocked out early and contributed 0 points. Dallas doesn’t have far to look beyond Tom Brady — the highest scoring QB in our league this year posted only 6 points in a disappointing loss.

New Pepper must pick their opponent from Boston and Chicago, and Keystone awaits the other team. Keystone kept in playoff form during their bye week scoring 79 points. New Pepper, on the other hand, apparently went to beach for their bye week, scoring only 23 points.


#1 New Pepper (11-1) vs. TBD (#4 Boston 10-3 OR #6 Chicago 7-5-1)
#2 Keystone (9-3) vs. TBD (BOS or CHI)

DAL captures Patero Division; playoff schedule finalized

Dallas delivered the knockout blow to Syracuse this weekend to capture the Paterno Division championship and the #3 seed, so our playoff rosters are set. Dallas’ 103-90 win is the first time a team has topped 100 points this year. These are arguably the two hottest teams in the league right now, and it might also be the highest-ever score for a losing team, but I’m too lazy to research that.

The overall point race has tightened considerably over the past couple weeks. Keystone still leads but several teams are now in play:
1. Keystone 864
2. Boston 840
3. Syracuse 832
4. New Pepper 820
5. Dallas 812
There’s a 120+ point drop after that (Chicago Mud @ 689)


Week 14 (Wild Card Round):
#1 New Pepper Patriots (11-1) – BYE
#2 Keystone Longfellows (9-3) – BYE
#3 Dallas Armadillos (8-4) vs. #6 Chicago Mud (6-5-1)
#4 Boston Wildcats (9-3) vs. #5 Syracuse Blizzard (7-4-1)

Week 15 (Semi-Final Round):
NPP will choose their oppononent from the winners of the Wild Card Round
KEY will play the team NPP does not choose

Week 16:
Fantasy Bowl XXVI

2017 Final Regular Season Standings

Cappelletti Division
Team W L T PCT GB Streak Div PF PA
NPP* 11 1 0 0.917 0 W11 5-1-0 820 538
BOS^ 9 3 0 0.750 2 W1 4-2-0 840 652
MIA 4 8 0 0.333 7 L2 2-4-0 634 760
HVV 4 8 0 0.333 7 L6 1-5-0 650 722
Engle Division
KEY* 9 3 0 0.750 0 L1 7-1-0 864 575
CHI^ 6 5 1 0.542 2.5 L2 4-3-1 689 627
FFL 5 7 0 0.417 4 W3 4-4-0 560 622
OCD 4 8 0 0.333 5 W2 2-6-0 605 635
BOB 3 8 1 0.292 5.5 W1 2-5-1 512 662
Paterno Division
DAL* 8 4 0 0.667 0 W2 5-1-0 812 672
SYR^ 7 4 1 0.625 0.5 L1 2-3-1 832 630
PHI 3 8 1 0.292 4.5 W1 3-2-1 603 689
MER 3 9 0 0.250 5 L5 1-5-0 592 631

* – Division Winner
^ – Wild Card team

Playoff Teams All Determined

Going into the final week of the regular season, a lot of questions have been answered. We know all the teams that will make the playoffs, and only one division champ is yet to be determined.

With their win over Boston this past week, New Pepper finishes the season at 11-1 and will be the #1 seed for the playoffs. They have a bye the final week.

Keystone’s week 12 win clinches the Engle Division, and Keystone will enter the playoffs as the #2 seed.

Both NPP and KEY will have byes the first week of the playoffs.

Boston (currently 8-3) and Chicago (currently 6-4-1) are guaranteed wild card berths.

The Paterno Division is still up for grabs between Syracuse (7-3-1) and Dallas (7-4). The teams play each other this week. Both are guaranteed playoff spots, and neither team will get a bye during the first round.

All remaining teams have been eliminated from playoff consideration.

Playoff Scenario Entering Week 12

The trade deadline is in the rear-view mirror and the FFL playoff picture is coming into focus. Here’s a quick summary of where things stand leading into Week 12. Reminder there are 3 Thanksgiving games (Lions vs. Vikings 12:30pm; Cowboys vs. Chargers 4:30pm; Redskins vs. Giants 8:30pm).

With 2 weeks left in the regular season it seems very likely the playoff participants will be: New Pepper, Boston, Keystone, Chicago, Syracuse, and Dallas.  With 2 weeks left in the regular season, these 6 teams all have at least a 2-game lead on the rest. Happy Valley is the only remaining team with a slim shot at a wildcard spot (see Dallas below).

The division races are all still wide open. As a reminder, the 3 division winners are all in PLUS three wildcard teams (next best W-L records).


New Pepper (10-1): One game left (vs BOS, week 13 bye). If NPP beats BOS this week, they clinch the division and the #1 playoff seed.

Boston (8-2): Two games left. If Boston wins out (beats NPP and HVV), then BOS clinches the division and the #1 playoff seed (would win a division tiebreaker vs. NPP based on a better division record if both teams finish 10-2).


Keystone (8-2): Two games left (vs. CHI and OCD). One win clinches the division. In a tiebreaker for playoff seeding, KEY did not play NPP this year so the tiebreaker would be overall points (KEY leads). KEY lost to BOS head-to-head this year, so KEY would lose a playoff seeding tiebreaker to BOS.

Chicago (6-3-1): Two games left (vs. KEY and FFL). CHI can win the division if they win both remaining games *and* KEY loses both remaining games. CHI is guaranteed at least a wildcard berth.


Syracuse (6-3-1): Two games left (vs. MER and DAL). SYR clinches the division if they win both remaining games. SYR is guaranteed at least a wildcard berth.

Dallas (6-4): Two games left (vs. HVV and SYR). If DAL wins both remaining games, they win the division. If they split their two remaining games, they are guaranteed at least a wildcard berth. DAL can get knocked out of the playoffs if they lose their two remaining games *and* if Happy Valley (4-6) wins their two remaining games (both would be 6-6, and HVV would win a head-to-head tiebreaker).