FFL-GOO Update and Reminders

The fall seems to be flying by, and we are already past the halfway point in this season. A season which some might consider bizarre. Two of the top-scoring teams (and Fantasy Bowl participants last year) have losing records. We’ve seen some near-record high scores. We’ve seen a team score 110 points fewer this week than last! Waugh is leading his division! I mean, how more bizarre can you get? 

We’re about to find out, because we’re in the playoff stretch. Four more weeks remain in the regular season, and every team is still theoretically in contention for a playoff spot. No more than 3 games separate the leader from the cellar dweller in all 3 divisions. Winning out for any team at this point might give them a realistic shot at a playoff spot. 

The standard reminders: 

TRADE DEADLINE is now two weeks away — kickoff week 11. 

Also, PROTECTION CUTOFF is week 11.  Protected players for 2020 must be on an FFL roster continuously from week 11 this year through protection 2020 deadline. 

Transactions will return to first-come, first-serve after week 11 kickoff. 

And yes — I know the question you are just dying to have answered … LOL … the podcast will return. These won’t be a weekly thing as I might have once envisioned, but I’ll try to get 2 or 3 more podcasts out this season, and we’ll see how that goes. 

Good luck to all in fantasy, and Roar Lions Roar! 

First waivers week

After the week 3 kickoff our waivers process begins, so transaction requests are processed at 9pm Tuesdays as per rule 6.3.8

This year we had the Wayne Gallman sweepstakes — half the FFL teams submitted an add for him. The Wildcats tied with worst record (1-2) and with lowest points (132) get Gallman. Transactions are posted/emailed via CBS site, and our official transaction log is fflgoo.wordpress.com/2019season/transactions/ 

Transactions remain first-come, first-serve until the week 4 games, at which point free agents are locked and only available to add via waivers next week. 

Finally, the Big Bang cannot transact, according to the league’s accounting team. If indeed the league fee check is in the mail it has not yet been received at the accountant’s headquarters. 

Annual Transactions Refresher

Here’s a quick refresher of our transaction rules. 

• Drop/Adds are first-come, first-serve until kickoff week 3. 
• After kickoff week 3, the waivers process is used until week 11. 
• After kickoff week 11, drop/adds return to first-come, first-serve. 
• All players involved in any transaction during first-come, first-serve must be from a team whose game has been completed for that week. 
• Teams can make a maximum of 2 adds each week before Tuesday 9pm; additional adds can be made thereafter 

During first-come, first-serve drop/add I cannot approve transactions on the CBS website until Tuesdays around noon, but CBS records the time transactions are submitted and I’ll approve them asap. 

During waivers, transaction requests are processed asap after 9pm Tuesdays. 

As always, call or text if you have any questions. 

2019 Rule Change Vote

There were 4 rule change proposals this year. Here’s the outcome of the vote we held before the draft.

Prop 1 – increase the active roster from 14 to 15.
The vote failed after 7 NAY votes.

Prop 2 – add 1/2 point per reception to our scoring system.
The vote passes 7 YAY, 6 NAY.
This will be incorporated into scoring rule changes to be implemented prior to the 2020 season.

Prop 3 – allow open drop/add of RBs WRs and TEs after week 13.
The vote failed after 8 NAY votes.
There was considerable discussion that a similar rule tying a post-season drop add specifically to an injury would likely pass and could be proposed in that form next year.

Prop 4 – change regular season schedule so each team plays each other team once; division selections would remain the same.
Noted during discussion – this will require change to tiebreaker rules for divisions. We agreed head-to-head tiebreaker now simply applies instead of division record, with total points second tiebreaker.
The vote passed unanimously with one abstention.
The 2020 season will use the play-each-team-once approach, and tiebreaker rules will be rewritten to accommodate as noted.