Keystone wins Points Championship

For the fourth time — and twice in the past three years — Keystone has topped the league in total points, winning the Points Championship with a nice round grand total of 1,200 points. The Longfellows finished 35 points ahead of Fantasy Bowl Champs Big Oregon Bang, who finished the 2019 campaign with 1,165.

It’s the fifth time for both teams of being in the money (finishing 1st or 2nd) for overall points.

2019 marked a low point for Happy Valley with the team’s first finish in last place points overall. But the Violence scored 805 points, which marks the highest number ever for a last-place points team.

Final 2019 Points:

  1. Keystone 1,200
  2. Oregon 1,165
  3. Boxboro 1,112
  4. Frelinghuysen 1,028
  5. Boston 996
  6. New Chester 996
  7. Mercer 978
  8. Miami 942
  9. Orange County 932
  10. Philadelphia 929
  11. Chicago 922
  12. Dallas 854
  13. Happy Valley 805

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